We  Have  No Plans To Launch A Military Action Inside Afghanistan, The FM Said. Bilawal Bhutto

We  Have  No Plans To Launch A Military Action Inside Afghanistan

DAVOS – On Saturday, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari dispelled rumours that Pakistan was planning to conduct surgical strikes in Afghanistan, making it clear that Islamabad had no plans to launch a military action in the region. After weeks of strong reactions from Kabul in response to the Interior Minister’s comments, the Foreign Minister recently gave an interview to a foreign news outlet on the sidelines of the WEF summit in Davos, where he stated that Pakistan has no plans to launch a cross-border military operation in the war-torn country.

The Bhutto heir justified his remarks by saying the region had just come out of a protracted conflict and that we do not support any more military action. He added that the ties between the two sides have not been easy under the current leadership in Kabul, stating Pakistan observed an upswing in terrorist strikes in recent years. To respond to Rana Sanaullah’s recent declaration regarding attacking TTP safe havens in Afghanistan, the country’s foreign minister made the above comments.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, said that the country would not tolerate any attacks, that Kabul desired good relations with Islamabad, and that Pakistani officials should tread carefully when discussing the matter. There will be no negotiations with terrorist organisations. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan, who is in Switzerland for a week, has declared that the current government will not negotiate with terrorist groups that do not deny the Constitution.

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But he emphasised cooperation with the interim government in Afghanistan. The minister noted that Pakistan and Afghanistan are both targets of terrorist attacks and stressed the importance of cooperation in combating this threat. Foreign Minister said current civil and military authorities will not negotiate with terrorist organisations, lamenting former prime minister Imran Khan’s approach of ‘appeasing TTP’ He accused PTI chief of being ‘sympathetic’ to militants.

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